Ottomans beds

A collection of ottoman bed storage drawers solution

If you have a small bedroom, it might be difficult to fit all your stuff inside it. One ingenious solution is to make use of the substantial space beneath the mattress. This can easily be achieved by placing drawers in this gap. Some might think that beds with storage would be uncomfortable or unsightly, but that is hardly the case as there are several elegant and smart designs to choose from.

brown double bed with storage underneath
brown bedroom double bed with storage underneath

Most bed frames are made of wood, a material which has proven its versatility for many generations. It looks great and it can be adapted to a broad range of styles. It’s not hard to look for a wooden bed with drawers sporting a distinctive design. Cherry, oak, bamboo, poplar, and maple are the most popular varieties because of their beauty and durability. Aside from wood, metals are also used as they make strong frames. Upholstery can be accomplished with leather, cloth, suede, and other materials. read more