Stylish foot stool and ottoman ideas you’ll love for your home

2 years ago

Chic up your home with one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture there is – a cute foot stool. Yes, it looks like these items of furniture are making a comeback this year and we’re welcoming them with open arms.

Believe it or not, the main purpose of footstools is to offer support to one’s feet so that they can rest comfortably. However, putting practicality aside, they also offer a whole lot of style, character and sophistication to any room they’re in.

Besides the comfort element, foot stool furniture can provide multi-functional usage. It can serve neatly as a coffee table and become the spark a living room needs, or even a great way to hide and store some essentials. Read on to see a selection of stylish and modern storage ottomans, foot stools and fancy pouf ottoman ideas for your home.

Let’s start with the elegant hourglass ottoman footstools, these designs give you the best of both worlds. Doubling up as a coffee table or a small stool, this piece of stylish furniture is a must-have for your living or bedroom. We absolutely love the statement gold ring around the centre that adds a touch of style and class.

If you’re looking for something a bit more wear-resistant, you can opt for the same hour-glass shape without the flannel-style fabric. The variation of bold colours they come in will add the perfect pops of colour to your room. Crafted in plastic, the small stools would be easy to move around your space and are super convenient to keep sparkling clean. We see these creative pieces sitting perfectly in minimalistic style rooms with modern interior.

If you’re room is in need of footstool furniture that gives the space a bit of fun flair, we love the vibe these pouf ottoman bring with their round velvet covers outfitted with thin tassels for that added texture and fun. The blush mauve pink shade that this design comes in is just ‘oh so stylish’!

Ottomans are some of the most versatile pieces you can furnish your home with and are highly adaptable to a range of interior design and décor. For upgraded functionality go for a storage ottoman that grabs the right attention while also storing your clutter. As versatile as it is stylish, this lovely contemporary storage ottoman is a must-have for your home. It even has a cleverly designed handle that you can easily pick up and reposition in another room. How handy!

Statement colours and prints get a huge ‘yes’ from us. Go wild and tame your clutter with this flamingo tropical-themed piece or even the eye-catching leopard-print storage ottoman. Let it bring out your personality and release the animal in all of us, or at least keep it neatly and quietly stored away!

From small stools to oversized ones, you may discover that foot stool furniture is exactly what is missing from your home space. Create a refined look with the help of these modern and trendy ideas, and create the perfect centrepiece for your living room. Now kick up your feet and relax with a fabulous foot stool or ottoman! 

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