Popular interior design styles for your homes.

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Home décor comes in different color combinations and visuals. The way each room is made reflects the tastes of the person living in it, which makes it a great way to express yourself as well as get to know more about someone else. Although, not everyone can find the right home décor styles for them. There are lots of ways to find a style that suits you through mixing together varying designs. Here’s some tips and tricks on different home décor styles to help you find the perfect match!

  • Bohemian Modern Décor

The Bohemian look is inspired by people who enjoy constant travel and express themselves through the art of writing. From this unconventional lifestyle, a Bohemian styled home consists of objects and colors that give the feeling of being carefree and cozy. Bohemian modern décor incorporates these eclectic Bohemian styles into modern arrangements and home items. It’s usual to mix patterns and textures in a Boho styled home. However, adding a modern twist to it makes it appear more cohesive and well-put rather than the common messy look.

You can have a classic leather chair in the living room accented by striped lumbar pillows. The walls can be painted with grays and faded blues with a kilim shag area rug at the center of the room. To tie in the look, you can place a woven storage trunk as well.

  • Contemporary Urban Loft

If you want the home to feel welcoming and comfortable, you may want to look into contemporary styles. This kind of style is mostly sophisticated and neat wherein it gives more emphasis to the amount of space in the room rather than the items that compliment it. Lines also play a big role in contemporary rooms. While this style is usually used in offices, you can lighten it up by mixing it with urban décor which makes use of more color hues and softer textures.

A room designed to be contemporary urban will contain modern furniture in neutral colors, complimented with patterns and textures from other décor around the room. The aim is to make the room feel comfy while maintaining a classic feel to it, all without filling up too much of the space that is available.

To highlight comfort, you can have a 3-piece sectional sofa in a neutral and casual beige color. The floors can be a smooth wood tile with a chevron kilim shag area rug aligned with the sofa with framed wall art placed above it.

  • Modern Minimalist Loft

A popular look that has influenced various visual styles is the minimalist design. The goal of this style is to prioritize the room’s essentials. From the name itself, it uses less in different aspects; from the materials to the color schemes therefore giving it a very elegant and clean look. Some may describe it as simple but powerful.

The minimalist design makes a great match with modern styles. A modern minimalist loft will have minor accents to classic furniture, which contrasts greatly with the Bohemian style. Rather than focusing on ornaments and the like, this style put more attention to minor details of simple furniture. For example: the pattern on a sofa or the contrasting color of a stool’s frame and cushion.

Achieving this is easy, especially because the color scheme is usually monochromatic. You can place a modern charcoal sofa in the middle of the room, accented by a simple black leather table at the side.

  • Traditionally Modern

When applying traditional styles to home décor, it is usually orderly and simple. There aren’t too many wild details or ornaments in traditional rooms. Normally, the furniture and accessories are consistent in terms of furnishing, style and color. Rather than having various textures applied, it is usually just one.

Traditionally modern rooms apply these same features. The room’s elements will have similar textures in a cohesive color scheme. However, the designs and styles of the furniture will be more modernized. The furnishings is a highlight of traditional styled rooms as well.

The room can focus on dark wood textures and colors, wherein the floors will be a similar finish as the furniture. An oak chair can be placed in the room next to a rustic media cabinet. To add more detail, a wooden bookcase can be put here as an accessory.

  • Old Hollywood Glamour

A unique room style is related to the room settings that are typically seen in movies. When you think about Hollywood, you would also think of glamour and charisma. This is the exact feel an Old Hollywood styled room would feel like. A Hollywood inspired home is mostly a mix of traditional and contemporary styles wherein objects around the room are in unique shapes or textures.

The room may have a classic beige arm sofa to give it a modern feel. To bring out the inner Hollywood glam you’re aiming for, you can top it off with a brass bar cart and geometric brass coffee table to give it a timeless antique vibe.

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