A collection of ottoman bed storage drawers solution

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If you have a small bedroom, it might be difficult to fit all your stuff inside it. One ingenious solution is to make use of the substantial space beneath the mattress. This can easily be achieved by placing drawers in this gap. Some might think that beds with storage would be uncomfortable or unsightly, but that is hardly the case as there are several elegant and smart designs to choose from.

brown double bed with storage underneath
brown bedroom double bed with storage underneath

Most bed frames are made of wood, a material which has proven its versatility for many generations. It looks great and it can be adapted to a broad range of styles. It’s not hard to look for a wooden bed with drawers sporting a distinctive design. Cherry, oak, bamboo, poplar, and maple are the most popular varieties because of their beauty and durability. Aside from wood, metals are also used as they make strong frames. Upholstery can be accomplished with leather, cloth, suede, and other materials.

Scandinavian style double bed bedroom design
ottoman storage bed Scandinavian style

Smaller sized beds can accommodate storage on one side, whereas the bigger sizes can have both sides lined with drawers. The frame can either be composed of sturdy wooden boards or steel with slats.

Blue platform double bed with storage drawers
Blue platform double bed with storage drawers

An alternative when shopping for adjustable beds would be with lift up storage. These feature hydraulic mechanisms to lift up the mattress and reveal the space at the bottom for storing items. They could open from the foot of the bed or have it sideways. This design is better for bedrooms that are so small that drawers at the sides cannot be opened fully.

Grey bedroom platform double bed with storage drawers
Grey bedroom platform double bed with storage drawers

There are also hybrid designs that combine these two concepts: a lifting mechanism and storage drawers. These are typically made of stainless steel.

Luxury white leather platform double bed with storage drawers

The concept of a  double bed with storage underneath, is not a new one? The first beds were made entirely of wood, and this practice continues into the modern day. Wood has a natural, pleasing aesthetic, and with the wide variety of manufacturers and models, you can easily find unique-looking beds with storage drawers. Wood beds range from oak, cherry, maple, poplar, and can even be made from Bamboo. In fact, while early beds were limited in the materials used, modern platform beds are also made from metal and can be upholstered with cloth, leather, and more.

Grey wood platform double bed with storage drawers
Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath and above

Twin beds usually have a couple of drawers located along one side, while larger beds, such as full, queen, and king size, will have many more drawers along both sides of the bed. The foundation of the bed may be a steel frame with slats for the mattress or solid wood panels.

Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath
Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath

In addition to beds with storage drawers built in, you can also purchase ottoman storage bed that utilize a hydraulic mechanism to lift up; revealing a hollow interior suitable for storage. These types of beds are further split into two types. Most beds are made to lift from the foot of the bed, but some lift beds open instead from the side. This is a handy feature that allows the bed to be pressed into tight spaces and rooms.

Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath

There are a lot of different types and finishes of platform bed with storage, such as the canopy, sleigh, loft and Japanese style bed. They are manufactured in materials ranging from wood to metal, and in many different colors. Remember that a bold color can draw attention from other furniture and create a solid visual anchor in the bedroom.

White Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath
White Ottoman double bed with storage drawers underneath

One final note on storage bed construction, is that hybrid frames exist, which combine both the box spring and storage-frame into one unit. These box spring-compatible, lift-storage frames, are made from stainless steel and are excellent for those with an existing box-spring set. They will, however, raise the profile of the bed.

When looking for beds, remember that they are ultimately not that different from other beds. You should still look for quality construction, elegant design, and a price that fits your budget. Cheaper beds may come with only the slots for drawers and require bins to be purchased separately, while more expensive beds will have everything well thought out and designed. Storage beds are also a great alternative to other constructs because they do not require a box spring; saving you money. Also, with adequate support, these beds could easily fit any desired mattress, such as memory foam.

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