Furniture ideas for stunning room décor.

1 year ago

Whether you are redecorating or moving into a new house, finding that balance between comfort and style can be challenging. Everybody wants to decorate their home with something fun and exciting. Especially now that we are all stuck in our homes, a little change can never hurt.

If you are looking for some much-needed change, here are some great new furniture ideas for room décor.

Playing with colours

Remember how we would only buy light coloured sofas and beds? We have left that era long in the past. When you are buying furniture, don’t be shy to experiment with some bold colours such as bottle green, deep blue or burnt orange.

If you’re not feeling too adventurous, try a combination that goes well, such as burnt orange or green with white accents. A little white in your furniture can balance out the strong colours really well.

Metallic furniture and accessories

Don’t get freaked out if you see a lot of shiny metallic tones. Gold, copper and bronze accents can add a regal feel to your room if you combine it right.

Metallic accents are great if the tables and sofas have a sprinkle of them. You may also combine marble and metal together, which look great as center tables and coffee tables.

Light fixtures

Stylish chandeliers and table lamps can really brighten up a room. Make sure that your choice of light fixtures matches the aesthetics of the room. Sometimes, buying too large a chandelier can interfere with the look of your room. This usually happens if the ceiling is too low.

To solve this problem, choose a smaller yet stylish chandelier that immediately catches the eye. Some mirrors and table lamps can add to the beauty of the room if placed right.

With these great furniture ideas for room décor, you can immediately get started with some home improvement. After all, your home must look stylish, comfortable and the absolute best!

Get creative with headboards

Not many of us are pleased with gigantic rexine or faux leather headboards on our beds. Headboards do look great if we style them right. Large headboards are being replaced by fluffy, slanted ones that are both comfortable and fashionable.

The vanity

Let’s face it, you really don’t need a huge dressing table with hundreds of LED lights. Instead, place a minimalistic vanity near a natural source of light and in a bright place.

Don’t be shy to experiment with the shape of your dressing table and accompanying stool. Make sure however that they are at least of the same colour or accents. A bright mirror can also divert the attention to it, so the mirror should be reflective and clutter-free.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors can really be a game changer in your room. Their placement is very important too; keep a mirror or mirror accessory in a such a way that a visitor to your room immediately sees it. Some good places are the wall facing the bed, at the entrance of your house etc

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