Inspirational Scandinavian bedroom interior ideas

2 years ago

Though dark-themed bedrooms always exhibit a relaxing vibe, bright themed or white themed bedrooms can be a perfect source of energy for you. In the morning, when you wake up and not ready to leave your cozy bed, these Scandinavian bedrooms filled with sunlight surely brighten up your day and give you an active kick. That’s because Scandinavian bedrooms feature space with minimum mess and maximum natural light.

A traditional Scandinavian bedroom is designed in a very rich and deep tone with one or two-color patterns. Likewise, in this picture, you can see that a black grid wall is combined with a white grid bed, two-colored pillows, and white side tables. This contrast is giving this room a deep and calm vibe

You do not always have to follow the traditional nordic Scandinavian style, rather you can add your particular flair in the bright and calm vibe of your bedroom by adding a bed throw or bed scarf of any vibrant color. For instance, you can give a twist to the classy deep vigor of the bedroom by adding an orange bed throw or you can add a square pillow of bright yellow color in the grey-white scheme of your bedroom. Similarly, you can also go for a vibrant red Ola Upholstered Bench instead of the typical whites or greys.

Another unique way of going out of the box and giving a refreshing look to your Nordic styled bedroom is by adding either pink side table flower arrangement or green wall art. Not to forget, adding vibrant flairs to your Scandinavian styled bedrooms actually creates an emotional balance to your style of living.

In the interior design ideas featuring Scandinavian styled bedrooms, it is not a compulsion to have dark walls with white beddings. You can design your bedroom with a textured wall, white bedding, and give it depth with a black quilt and coverlet. Moreover, off-whites are also a good option instead of whites in Scandinavian designs.

Sometimes people fear to play with other colors while designing their bedrooms in Scandinavian themes as they might appear as they are all over the place. But this frosty green wall goes so smoothly with the bluish-white bed. The contrast is maintaining the coherence and calmness of the Nordic theme, and these melon shade pillows are creating a refreshing vibe to the overall look.

One of the many ways of adding extra style to your Scandinavian interior is by placing a green indoor plant at the corner of your bedroom. It gives vibrance to the dark and deep scheme of the room. However, using brass, goldens, and coppers also add a soft touch to the two-colored scheme of the theme.

Apart from these popular color schemes, blues and purples can also create a perfect Scandinavian theme, where you can either go for blue walls and white dull-colored bedding, or grey-white wall and purple bedding. These contrasts not only preserve the ambiance of the theme but also exhibit a balanced refreshing vibe.

Another unique idea features modern white and grey striped walls paired with checkered bed covers and quilts, making a perfectly matching contrast in terms of design.

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