How to style a bookshelf with books?

1 year ago

It’s time to say goodbye to all typical book shelving methods where hundreds of books arranged in a vertical or horizontal order. From few past years, bookshelf organization has gained huge momentum. Designers are keep innovating ideas to make their bookshelf display appealing. Then, what are you waiting for? Turn your traditional bookshelf into a dynamic contemporary bookcase by following 12 pro tips for bookcase styling. 

Refresh a room’s interior by creating bookshelf display that is simple, decorative and functional in a one time. You can turn it into a focal point of your home by making some innovation in form of adding modish geometrical designs, grouping color schemes, showcasing of a statement piece on a book stack etc.

Let’s give a fresh start to your home by displaying book piles in a visually pleasing way. Allow yourself to see your home’s possessions in a different way. Clear/empty and clean all bookshelves in a first step.

Modern Bookcase ideas:

Place a bookshelf against a colored wallpaper or colored wall. A colored back wall that complements your bookshelf design creates an interest of every arriving person in your living room or lounge.

Sort by the color schemes:

Before setting books in a bookshelf, you should place all books in a table. Set them according to gradient colors i.e. group bluish colored book covers in one side, gather all whitish colored books on another or similarly reddish, brownish books etc.

The Quirk factor:

To make a visitor linger longer to bookshelves, add some unexpected to the mix. Home décor presents modish geometrical designs that grabs an instant interest.

LED Lighting:

Install battery operated LED lights above each section of a bookshelf. Adding LED lights in a bookshelf are eye-catching and stylish yet affordable too. People usually use hidden electrical sources to give due power for a little illumination. You may opt to any above method.

Bookcase minimalism model:

Add limited books to the shelves rather than setting complete piles. If you have a collection of 50 books, then add around 15-20 books in a bookshelf depending on bookshelf size or space.  Following modern minimalists are made of pure wood, available in brown and sky-blue shade in home décor store.

Be creative while setting book stacks. Try to stack books vertically and horizontally. A mixture of stacked books in different alignment seems interesting in bookshelves.

Align in color batches:

Make your bookshelves to the next level by setting books with color batch. Add pairs of colored batches in an opposite shelf as it creates balance in your complete shelving. No doubt, contrasting batches always gives a pleasing effect to one’s mind.

Avoid giving dull look to your sitting or living room or area by aligning same depth of books on a complete bookshelf. After shelving all books, pull out tchotchkes from home stores that you’re hoping to display someday. It can be a family photo frame, a collection of grandmother’s vintage teacup, colored jars, some pretties, art frame, souvenirs, fresh plants pot etc. It creates layers of interest to a bookshelf on book stacks.

Hanging art:

You don’t need to be too much scholarly. Addition an art frame in a bookshelf creates a great visual interest and dimension of color/artwork.

Tweak time:

Start playing with books setting until it feels balanced and good to you. If you find one side of shelf over-crowded with patterns or colors, then rearrange books on another side until it stands out.  I know, it takes few attempts before falling to perfection. Keep your patience alive and experimenting without getting exhaust!

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