How to find the perfect sofa for a living room?

1 year ago

The sofa is arguably the most important and loved piece of furniture in your living room. It is almost guaranteed that you will use it every day, so choosing the right one to compliment the room and fit in with your personal style is vital.

Burke Décor are currently offering a stunning collection of curated sofas that are affordable and would make a fantastic addition to your living space.

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One of my favourite sofas from their collection is the Eve Sofa. Its calming grey tonal and textured hue adds a feminine feel to the design and would be perfect for warming up a room. Grey is the perfect colour choice for those wanting to add a clean and fresh feel to their home but are not keen on the harshness and upkeep of white. Grey has been in for years and there is no sign that it will be going out of trend any time soon due to its versatility with neutral palates. This sofa is fairly long and perfect for a couple or a room that is fairly large. Placing it in a smaller room runs the risk of it swallowing the space.


This Maxx sofa is a lovely piece inspired by the classic designs of a library sofa. Its appearance will add a sophisticated edge to your living room, especially near any bookshelves. It comes in three gorgeous colours, Manor Grey, Umber Grey and Sapphire Birch. Both grey shades add a feminine quality to the piece, whereas the Sapphire Birch emits a strong and solid feel and would look striking against either neutral or dark turquoise walls.

The Dylan sofa is another charming classic design and comes in the cooling green shade Sapphire Olive. It is slightly more dramatic than the Maxx sofa and presents a pleasant mid-century silhouette that will make your room look refined and stylish. Its intimate tertiary colour and design would look lovely in a room paired with primary blue shades.


Chaise lounges are a beautiful and practical way to decorate a living space. The Mercury Double Chaise comes in a crisp and pretty Noble Platinum colour. Definitely a more feminine design than some of the other choices. It has plenty of pillows for assured comfort when used to relax. It would be best placed away from the walls in the room and floating alone to make it a focal decoration.


Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular in the decorative industry and the Benson sofa is a lovely example of why this is. With its simple and neat design and clean light grey colouring it doesn’t scream for attention. Instead it will quietly compliment other minimalist features in your living room. Its subtle wooden frame and brass legs creates the impression that the sofa is suspended above the ground. This clever and minimalist design would look great paired with brown and other modest colours.

The 3 – Seater sofa is the boldest choice within this list. This sofa incorporates smooth and round edges to create a modern and minimalist piece. Its unique and eye-catching design will draw you and your guests to it as soon as they enter the room. This sofa has no legs and instead uses its voluminous upholstery to create a round edge to the floor which serves to make it look comfortable and inviting. It can be purchased in two different fabric options, bouclé or brushed chenille, and the colour options include off-white, brown, sand, grey and warm grey. A wonderful sofa for a home looking to create a cosy and tranquil ambiance.

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