How do you arrange furniture in a dining room?

1 year ago

The dining room is not only a place of meals; yet in fact, it’s where the entire family connects with each other by sharing their daily experiences and lives altogether.  With a huge variety available in the market, a person easily gets perplexed about how to choose best. To help you in this regard, I prepared 6 rules that you must consider for picking the best dining tables.

Small dining area:

Firstly, you must have enough space to settle down your dining table. Your selected dining space should be wide enough that person can easily push dining chair away from table. You must allow at least 40-45 inches space between the dining table and adjacent walls or furniture.


Dining tables come in exceptional designs of footprints and table shapes i.e. oval, rectangular, round and square. For choosing table shapes, consider family-size and space availability.

  • Choose a round table if you have a small apartment. As it offers smaller footprints than other shapes. You can also easily set them into open kitchen dining areas, and a balcony where other shapes of tables can’t easily fit. 
  • Rectangular shape dining tables are popular to give seating to 6-8 members on a dining table.  Don’t forget to add chandeliers and paintings in your beautiful dining room. They give a warm welcoming impression and add more energy to ones’ mood. 

Chair and table height:

Usually, standard dining tables height around 30 inches while chairs seats’ height is 18 inches from the floor. They go best for any casual dining space.

Talking about kitchen counter tables, it’s table height around 36 inches that requires 24 inches seat height stools. While bar height tables are 42 inches in height with 30 inches chair’s seat height. They look amazing in small apartments or additional seating option to the larger dining room set.

In all designs, make sure that the distance of chairs’ seats and table should be at least 12 inches in your chosen dining table set.

Dining Area Decor:

Do you love industrial designs? Or are you fond of traditional, sleek or looking for something modern?  Well, whatever design you love, it’s a perfect time to display with the dining room set. You can easily design your dining room overlook with table base shape, chair designs, fabric, and tabletop’s edge style. 

Metal, wood and plastic chairs are ideal for young families. You can turn the dining room’s ambiance inspiring and soothing with a selection of leather or fabric seating. Always go for good-quality fabric that gives easier cleaning options and stain resistant.

Modern glass dining best suitable for contemporary house styles.

A X-based and rectangular table with matching rugs and fabric colors can easily fit in any modern setting. 

Seating area:

Seating comes in a variety of options i.e. chairs without arms, benches, chairs with arms, stools etc. Whatever, chair options you select, make sure that they offer comfortable seating. If you love to spend hours with your family on chatting around the dining table, then ensure that chairs’ backs and seats’ width are padded and comfortable.

•    If you have small kids in a family or running a child hostel, benches are a great option. As children can climb in or out and fit in a smaller space easily.

•    Chairs with arms can add a classic touch to any dining room. But, make sure that you have a large dining room availability for setting these kinds of tables. If you’re running old-age home, the chair with arms is an excellent investment as it offers easier climbing in and out to elder people.

•    Chairs without arms are always popular due to their versatility. They offer widest design range options, take less space and easier sliding options from sides.

Whatever option you select, don’t forget about maintenance. Maintain the look of your dining table by moping and cleaning it on daily basis.

Colors and textures:

Silver, gold, iron, glass, wood, and brass; there are huge options to choose from. Even manufacturers don’t hesitate to play with wood textures i.e. aged, wire brushed, forestry, distressed and more. It’s good that you bring samples of carpeting, cabinetry, flooring, paint, and wallpaper as it helps to select perfect textures and colors of dining table set.

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