Contemporary style inspired living room furniture ideas

2 years ago

Cosy Modern Living Room Ideas

At the heart of every home, the living room is arguably the most important room in the house. It is not only a space to relax, it is also used for working, drinking, socializing and even sometimes sleeping. For this reason it is important to design a living room that creates a sense of relaxation while still focusing on other aspects in order to create a multi-purpose room that is perfect for any situation. We’ve compiled some cosy modern living room ideas to give you some inspiration and get you well on the way to designing your dream home.

Modern Sofas

Perhaps the most important investment you will make when designing your new living room is buying a sofa or love seat. Getting this right is important as the sofa is the item of furniture that will be used the most. It also takes up a large amount of space so it’s important to find something that looks great and complements the other furniture well. When shopping for a modern stylish sofa it’s important to find something that not only fits the space well but too find something that is also comfortable and durable. If decorating a larger room you may want to consider multiple sofas or a combination of sofas with a love seat. Remember don’t put looks over comfort as relaxation is the most important feature of a living room.

Seating Ideas

To accompany your sofa or love seat you should consider investing in some contemporary chairs. Not only do contemporary chairs add space for guests to sit they help to add a sense of style and sophistication to the space while also helping the room stand out by adding more color and flavor to the area. Combining this seating arrangement with a coffee table will really help to give the room a more mature look and make you appear more professional.

Dining Tables

If space is not an issue you may want to consider an open plan design for your home. Having an all in one living room and dining area adds to the freedom of the home by increasing the levels of natural light and promoting air flow. The dining table should be the focal point of the dining area, it’s important to select one that not only goes well with the decor but also suits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for modern small living room ideas then looking for a table that can cover a multitude of different uses is the way to go. If you’re furnishing a smaller room, an extendable dining table could be the answer, whereas more space could suit a rectangular or round table

Working Space

It’s always a great idea to incorporate a small working area into your living room. This makes it easy to switch between working and relaxing by having an area specifically for work. If designing a simplicity living room is your goal, a simple yet elegant single table setup will work well. If decorating a larger room you could incorporate multiple tables in order to create a larger work space.

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