9 Pivotal Tips To Make Your Open Kitchen Alluring And Timeless

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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in 2019? Well, then turn your kitchen space into something special that offers pleasant and warm hangout space for family members. Here, home décor is sharing 9 crucial features to make your open kitchen concept divine and effortlessly chic. 

LED lights:

Lift up your kitchen look by playing with lights variety on different sections of the kitchen area. As LED lights beautifully highlight more dramatic features and improve the aesthetics of a kitchen area or any room.

white large kitchen

Embrace painted or accent wall:

  • Grey wall with the right shade is a perfect base to build upon. It beautifully pairs up with other colors and can work wonders in kitchen space.
  • While color gives a pure, regal, and organized look to any room of your home. You can opt for white walls if you want to look open-kitchen fashionable and spacious.
  • Warmer colors i.e. red, yellow and orange give an impression of a smaller space as they gravitate wall towards eyes. If you used warmer colors in cabinets rather than a wall, then warmer colors really pop and brighten up open kitchen concept.
  • If you have smaller space, then add crisp by combining cooler colors of cabinets with a pastel accent wall.

Install a kitchen island:

 Turn open kitchen into a spacious kitchen by introducing kitchen island.  It gives additional working space that easily doubles as a gathering and serves as a dining area in the home. You can easily chat while cooking with a family sitting on a kitchen island. Plus, family members can enjoy live-cooking and terrific speedy stress-free snacking while sitting on kitchen dining space.

Kitchen islands gained huge popularity in the last few years as they are more engaging in family’s chit-chats than separate dining rooms.  You can also opt for booths installation if you have enough space in the kitchen area.

Counter tops:

Countertops are available in various kinds. The two popular kinds are laminate countertops and quartz countertops. Laminate countertops are economical, sturdy and offer great value to kitchens. They are available in various textures, styles, and colors.

While, quartz countertops give a contemporary, luxurious and rich impression. They are durable, stain-resistant and non-porous i.e. you can easily keep them bacteria-free. They offer easy maintenance, and available in variety of styles and colors.

Jazz up with color schemes:

Add a cheerful vibe by introducing colored cabinets; if your open kitchen has huge windows on either side. A combination of colored cabinets with white or gray walls always looks spacious.

green pink kitchen ideas

Invest in quality appliances:

For an open kitchen designing; install appliances that meet both functional and aesthetic standards. Make sure that all kitchen appliances are of high quality i.e. cooking utensils, sanitary items, cabinets, and maneuvering of cabinets.

You can also update your kitchen with technology in 2019 by using motion sensed kitchen faucets that can sense hands presence underneath and automatically turned on.

Open shelving:

In modern designed theme homes, open shelving has gained huge hype all over the world. Well, the storage room is something that every person wants in his/her functional kitchen. Make your kitchen look airy and sophisticated by investing in open shelving rather than suffocating it by the storage room.  Place daily used items on shelves that can you easily grasp by stretching hands. You can also add visual interest in open shelving by placing antique platters and greenery or colors.

Create a focal point:

With other lighting options, don’t forget to brighten your kitchen serving place. Create a focal point by illuminating iconic modern pendant hangings above dining space or kitchen island.

Compact yet contemporary:

An open kitchen idea is not limited to big houses. If you have a small dining or living area and smaller kitchen, then illuminate space by eliminating walls between them. Turn small living place into studio apartment by introducing an open kitchen concept. You can give welcoming impression on guests by playing with color schemes of cabinets, flooring patterns and introducing pendant hangings.

white glass kitchen cabinet doors

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