11 things to consider while buying new sofa set

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Are you looking for a new sofa set? It seems an easy task but make it your worthy investment by choosing durable sofa that totally falls on your expectations. Here, home décor is disclosing 11 important things that you should not overlook while buying sofa for a living room.

Multi Coloured Patchwork Sofa - Ideal for small space living
Italian Luxury Leather Sofa for Hotel, office, living room

Available budget:

You should be clear about your available budget. If you’re planning to use it for 8-10 years to come, then put a handsome investment for a good sofa.

You don’t need to feel bad if you’re having tight budget. There are infinite options of sofa set available in markets to furnish your home or you can go for a good condition secondhand sofa too. But take due cautions or information regarding sofa’s durability and longevity.

2 Seater Multi Coloured Patchwork Sofa - Ideal for small space living

Measure the space:

Buy a sofa that can easily fit into your available space without affecting other things. For this, measure the existing furniture size and exact dimensions of room by measuring tape. Also, note down other additional spaces that you want to cover horizontally or vertically with new sofa set. Before accessing to stores for a new sofa set, take note of all irregularities i.e. narrow pathway, small doors or other obstacles that you might need to deal with.

Pink Girlish Girl sofa couch living room
Modern White red Sofa Armchair set

Consider the sizes:

While selecting, you should buy a perfect size. For a small apartment, a small size sofa set complements the rest of living room space. If you have large living room and commonly used 24/7, then go for L-shaped sofas that offer a lot of seating.

Sofa Bed Small Compact Design for any bedroom living room
White Black L-shape sofa couch for living room

Go for sturdy framing:

A good sofa frame is mandatory as it may be placing in a lounge for a decade. Your selected sofa frame must offer ten years or lifetime guarantee.

A solid hardwood frame is expensive but worthy investment in form of durability and longevity. Softer wood (pine and spruce wood) frames are affordable options but it may buckle or wrap after few years. Similarly, don’t prefer metal constructed frames, plastic and particleboard as they are uncomfortable and likely to crack or wrap.


In markets, sofas are available in various shapes. If your living room has low ceilings, then you should go for low back sofa, but it may not provide you back support. For high ceiling rooms, high back sofas are best choice as they are comfortable, supportive and easily fit in the large space.

Leather Modern Style Sofa 3 seats

You can ask assistance of sellers regarding sofa shapes or also ask them to prepare a customized sofa that gives all due-comfort in your selected specific shape.  

Brown Yellow Leather  Modern Style L-shape Sofa


In older times, people were confined with selecting a sofa color that matched with room’s other furnishings when there was no or expensive reupholstering options. But today, you can easily personalize a furniture piece by reupholstering in an affordable price. Keenly observe and pick a unique print or bold color that you think it would lift up your room appearance. 

Luxury Italian Sofa with Pillows

Invest in a funky ottoman with your sofa, if you’re afraid of gambling with bolder patterns and colors. No doubt, an addition of medium-sized ottoman creates visual interest and subtle sense of diversity in a living room. 

If you have tight budget and living room sofas are under kids’ territory, then refrain from buying light-colored fabrics.

Cushions filling:

Feather-filled cushions provide high-level comfort to your back. But, don’t forget that they also need regular plumping for giving due squishy feeling to your back. While, fiber and foam-filled cushions filling lose their resilience and shapes over time.

A combination in form of feather-filled back cushions and foam-filled seat cushions can be best combo. As foam-filled ensures good structuring and firm appearance while feather-filling guarantees a squish or comfort.

Focus on sofa fabric:

This is one of the most important things to consider while buying sofa fabric.

  • If you’re placing a sofa near window, then pick synthetic fabric rather than natural material. As we don’t want that your investment go into bin as natural material may fade out in sunlight after few months.
  • White suede material is best choice only if you have no pets in your home.
  • Leather material is durable, expensive, non-absorbent of spills and easy-to-clean.
  • Fabric material takes little bit of maintenance. If you have pets or kids mess in your home, then opt for fabric material that can easily washable or loose covers.
Simple Small Sofa Couch for Living Room, office area
Simple Small Sofa Couch for Living Room, office area

Know your joinery:

Don’t forget to check some important details at the corners of the frames. Go for a sofa that gives quality joining in form of wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, metal screws with brackets and corner blocks screwed and glued. If your selected sofa is withstanding only on staples or glue and nails, then you should rethink about it.

Small Design Sofa Couch

Sofa beds:

If you have small apartment, then sofa beds are practically good option to invest. While selecting sofa bed, make sure that it offers easy folding and easily extends to your required place.

Sofa Bed Small Compact Design for any bedroom living room

Styling that goes best with home theme:

  • Go for a dramatic colors and clean line, if your home style is based on sleek surfaces and modern theme/ designs.
  • While if you’re fond of traditional looks or your home theme is more towards traditional; then pick a durable fabric of classically structured sofa.  Make it exceptionally trendy by playing with color varieties and complementary décor pieces.
  • If your living room is decked out with an eclectic mixture of designs and colors, then choose a combination of textured fabric with other modern styles.
Blue Grey Sofa For Small Apartment

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