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10 New Home Decor Trend Inspirations for 2020

1 year ago

“A man’s home is his palace.”, I also believe that you should decorate your palace in the best and most modern design vogue possible.

From Nordic to Minimalist and other design styles, your home decorations must reflect your personality. Whether in the arrangement or the blending of colors, as far as the furniture styles and others, your home should be comfortable as well as charming.

Here, we will consider the best styles and inspirations you should adopt when decorating your homes;

Best Home decor inspirations this year

Exquisite floral wallpapers

With pretty, colorful, and continuous flowery patterns spread across home surfaces, your home will get a feel of nature and elegance. You can use them in your home study, bathrooms, and even the bedrooms.  They have lots of options and style which are mind-blowing and beautiful.

Elegant cabinetry in your kitchen

Cabinetry is an important element in the kitchen; it reflects the flair of your kitchen. Daring, matching, and deep coloring is becoming a style in kitchens this year. You should paint your cabinets in deep colors that contrast the simplistic paintings on the walls.

Blooms and trees

The trend of placing organic trees such as olives, fig, and other interesting natural plants (but with minimal leaves) is growing in trend. Also, most trees (natural) absorb bad stenches in the homes, something synthetic plants don’t offer.    

Curved Sofas

Like some classic (1960/1970) setting, this trend takes us way back to when things were simpler. This settee styles has a nostalgic appeal. They don’t take up much space in the room; they just stay there dignified with Spartan ambiance.

Stand-alone Tubs

This sounds as incredulous as it screams luxury, but a poll report shows that of 38% of people who replaced their bathtubs, a staggering 50% are opting for the free-standing ones. It looks like our bathrooms will become mobile after all.

Homework area

This is the trend that is taking the lead right now, as a result of recent occurrences. Most people now create separate areas for their work; to ease their working from home. The furniture is a little different from the home, and the wall paintings are brighter. When you go for this trend, allow in as much lighting as possible.

Smarter Homes Trends

Technology is advancing, and our homes are becoming more than just that in recent years; with tools like smart refrigerators, lighting, smart TVs. All these smart devices can be linked to one feed and control from your smartphones or A.I systems like Siri, Alexa, and others. This is trend for me is the biggest win for this year.

Abstract designs Trends

The fun and carefree expressionism are what makes this trend very popular; it is dependent on the appreciation of the work of abstract paintings and playful expression. Nothing too deep and personal, plus the designs appeals to all classes.

The Nordic comeback Trends

Always a powerful design style for the interior, this style continues from its strong build of previous years. It features simplistic designs, sculpted forms of rattan and wicker, and natural elements. The final look is usually as harmonious and beautiful as it is simple.

Soft Tropics Trends

A large part of this trend is the presence of huge plants and flower imprints on fabrics and wallpapers. The design feels softer and goes about with the ambiance of a prosperous tropical nation. Collections like baskets and fruit-bearing shawls are very common style elements.

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