10 Modern Stylish Wall Shelf Units ideas for 2020

2 years ago

Smart shelving kit becomes an absolute must in this era. It should give an elegant and organized vibe of your home in its first look. So, it’s time to adopt different stylish wall shelf ideas instead of doing something with basic.  Make your wall shelves a combination of décor element and books rather than boring storage space. Keep following this blog if you want to add visual interest and utilize small space sophistically of your castle.

Statement piece shelves:

I bet you that industrial interior lovers can’t take their eyes off for a minute from these beautiful wall shelves. You can install them in a hallway or lounge area. They are available in black colors with metal navy or orange base. 

Break the monotony by adding product diversity and contrasting or themes in shelves. Decorate them with pictures, souvenirs, and colored floral pots. It creates a visual delight and an interesting balance.

Cute cloud shape storage shelves:

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to typical boring wall shelves kits. Install Cloud-shape shelves in your kids’ room where they can display small storybooks, toys, course books, CDs and PlayStation DVDs. Hang these polished metal shelves down low for easy access of kids.

Install tufted shelves at the entrance:

Wall-mounted coat and bags rack in an entryway is always a decent idea. Classical tufted shelves are easy to install and saves floor space. You can hang keychains, sanitizer, handbags, coats, and umbrella in the most organized manner in one place. Tufting material is available in various colors.

Optimize free wall space with floating shelves:

If you’re living in tiny flats, then decorate your castle with sophisticated metallic floating shelves. As they can divert the focus of arriving guests upwards and create an illusion of a huge space. Make your small flat super stylish by installing colored floating shelves and arranging contrasting accessories on them aesthetically.

They are available in white and grey color. Plus, it offers easy installation with two metal brackets that are present on sides.

Wooden Shelves:

If you have huge collection of coffee table books, then it’s time to showcase them in a TV room by installing a wooden shelves. It offers narrow shelves that you can you effectively use to display magazines. You can also display family photos, framed artwork to warm up your space.

Installing wooden shelf above kids’ study table is also an ideal place where kids can display DVDs, books and their artwork on them.

Oak partition wall hanging:

You’ll simply fall in love with iron made industrial shelves. It is made up of wrought iron bars and wooden base. It looks stylish, elegant and perfect for loft lovers. It certainly eye-catching against a white wall or brick wall, therefore its ideal to place in the main lounge. If you’re thinking that iron rods are expensive enough, then you can replace them with ropes by using DIY.

hanging wall shelves

Gold shelves:

Gold shelves can add visual interest on the wall of your living room. They give an elegant and classic touch to your boring bedside area. You can innovatively replace traditional side-tables beside your bed with gold shelves.

Installation of gold shelves beside your TV against the colored wall is also a great idea where you can place laptops, daily magazines, and decors to add colors to your TV room.

Bird Deco Shelf:

It grasps the interest of deco interior lovers in its first look. Bird shape wall shelves are best for balcony, bathroom, TV room, and living room area. The wrought iron deco shelf offers multi-layer storage racks where you can showcase decors, houseplants and books.

If you have enough space, you can install these shelves in laundry room. They quickly upgrade the functionality of laundry room as added shelves increase storage space. You can also add some flower pots or small artwork if you have extra storage space in shelves.

Modern Nordic style shelves

Update your dead sitting space by adding simple wall mounted wrought iron wall shelves above sofa set. These floating contrasting shelves boost up your sitting area. It beautifully organizes your valuables without taking floor space. By adding them 2-3 in sequence on wall, you can use them to hold books, file boxes and decorations accordingly. You can buy them or even DIY floating shelves easily.

Gold Marble pop shelves

It’s elegant and ideal for small bathrooms and a sitting area. This punch free Nordic wrought iron shelf freshen your all-day-long tired soul with its mesmerizing blue or purple color. Decorate them with glamorous decorative objects and flower pots.

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