10 living room sectional layout ideas

1 year ago

Every so often, you take a look around your living spaces and decide it’s time for a makeover. The furniture may be getting a little tired looking, or maybe its placement has become inhibiting or boring. But before you start all the heavy lifting and rearranging, you should have a plan in mind.

Living room layout tool

There is no better way to come up with a new living room layout plan than to use some of the room layout tools you can find online. Or you could even construct one of your own using graph paper and pieces of paper cut to the scale of your furniture.

Living room layout idea

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to use these tools to make the best choices for your lifestyle and taste. But you must be willing to rethink some of your old ideas. Look for inspiration in home design magazines, furniture catalogs, or websites on decorator ideas. You’re sure to find something you may not have thought of yourself.

Should sectionals be against the wall?

Many people naturally assume that in order to make a room seem bigger furniture such as sofas and sectionals should be against the wall. This is certainly not always the case. Placing such furniture away from the walls can create more intimate conversational settings and lend a sense of balance and openness to the entire room. Even in smaller rooms such an arrangement can impart a sense of space.

Sectionals in family rooms

Sectionals in family rooms are always a great idea. They can maximize seating while bringing about a sense of intimacy. Kids can sprawl on them in comfort while Mom or Dad  can sit comfortably with their feet up. Sectionals in family rooms should, of course, be covered in a family-friendly fabric, or leather, to minimize wear and tear.

Sectional seating is a good idea in most cases.

Are sectional sofas a good idea?

Sectional sofas are always a good choice. They can be versatile in design, with the pieces rearranged according to your needs or taste. They can be used to create an intimate conversation area in the middle of the room, or placed against a wall or around a corner to give gallery type seating, perfect for group access to the family home entertainment system. And let’s not forget the seating. Depending on the options chosen you will be able to accommodate a large number of family members or guest.on one comfortable and cohesive item of furniture. Adding to their versatility is the fact that sectionals can be broken up, their elements spread around the room if you so desire, only to be reunited when you want a different look.

Narrow living room with sectional

Sectionals can be used in narrow rooms as well, as long as you do not block passage through the room. This can be done by allowing a clear passage along one side of the room, or, perhaps, a diagonal path. Anything that provides easy passage through the room without requiring complicated footwork around obstacles. You can certainly find recommendations for such a layout using a furniture layout tool before you start moving things around, or purchasing new items.

Open plan living room layout

Many homes currently have an open plan living room. This type of open and airy room, with free access to the kitchen or other areas, has become very popular of late, and sectionals can provide interesting tools for dividing the space appropriately. You can form a sort of separation between the living area and the kitchen by placing a sectional with the seating placed away from the kitchen. In addition, sectional can be used to create smaller, more intimate conversational areas, separating them from other parts of the room  such as dining and office areas. Their versatility will allow for a number of different combinations and permutations.

Two couches instead of couch and loveseat

While sectionals are appropriate and useful in almost any situation, you may prefer something more traditional but would love to have the additional seating a sectional would provide. Consider using two sofas in place of the more common sofa and loveseat arrangement, You may find that the single extra seat provides all you need, while the matching couches impart a sense of balance to the room.

Small living room sectional ideas

When considering adding a sectional sofa to your home, as with anything else, common sense must prevail. You may dream of a sectional the size of the island of Jamaica, with all the bells and whistles, but you know such an item will overcrowd your living room. And what good is a comfortable room if you can’t fit in it? For a smaller living room opt for a scaled-down sectional. One with reversible left and right additions will make it more versatile, and allow you to fit it in your space more readily.

Living room planner

Whatever your plans, consulting a living room planner in advance will certainly be of help with just what kind of furniture will suit your needs, and how to place it once you have it in your home.

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