10 best children’s novelty themed beds

1 year ago

Choosing the perfect Kids Bed to delight your little ones and complete the bedroom theme of their dreams is far easier than you think with these latest edition of coolest children’s novelty themed beds.

Children seem to shoot up from tiny tots to disgruntled teens in no time at all! Of course, we know that’s not really the case, but boys and girls don’t stay little for long and with each new growth spurt comes a new set of needs, including where they sleep.

Nowadays it seems like there are guides to just about everything. However, when it comes to getting children to sleep, guides are needed to maintain parental sanity. Here you will find everything you need to look for when it comes to kids and sleep

Moving from a cot to a bed is a rite of passage and marks a real transition from babyhood to being a fully-fledged, independent child. Here are our favourite beds that will get them excited about bed time and keep them snoozing for just that little bit longer. We can dream

Hurrah! The list is complete, finally we have narrowed it down to just 10! Recognising the importance (and dealing with the dilemma) of choosing the perfect bed for your child, we have compiled a list of the 10 most amazing, unique, incredible, fabulous, inspiring, and mould-breaking beds in the known universe from some of the freshest, brightest designers and manufacturers ever to sketch a design or tighten a bolt, including these high quality beds for children as well as unique custom kids beds.

When it comes to love the best story of them all is the one about Mickey and Minnie mouse! The trend has now transformed itself into contemporary children’s best design of beds and creates the perfect look for the children’s room.   Children’s bed themes in this collection have been based on  favourite stories and characters  that your children love and want to be part of. This range from the design concepts based on Mickey mouse to bunny rabbits, that amazing dragon to astronomers in the space moving through the stars as well as cool duck queen with magic balloons, amazing deer and zebras. Also, not forgetting all-time favourite: The Teddy bear.

Look at this world class collection of kids’ novelty beds. This entire children’s bed range is available now for real, and features a whole host of beautiful, quirky and unique designs that we have unearthed by visiting numerous trade shows across the world, to bring you the best of the best with our unique finds from cozy and trendy children’s single beds to the kids’ storage beds  and custom made children’s beds, to suite your individual requirements.

We’ve seen most of the boys and girls beds in this collection are close, personal and hand-chosen because of their quality; we’ve run our hands along the timber grain or the velvety smooth surface, we’ve knuckle flexed the slats and tapped the base with the tips of our shoes, some we’ve even tripped over! Each designer, manufacturer or supplier has been selected for their quality, their choice of material or their jaw-dropping uniqueness

Unique collection of these ten best children’s novelty themed beds that you can see here followed strict quality standards to ensure that all the products meet advanced child safety standards, durable, functional and made from high grade quality materials.

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